June 27, 2012


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How exciting!!! A company gives 2500 Euro for a group of five people for a trip to London. As you all want to win the competition, try to work hard in the research process and finally give a creative presentation.




To plan your trip to London, you need to do a few things: You have to book the flight and the hotel, change your money, make a schedule for three days with attractions that you would like to see, know how to use the tube and research a few general facts. Finally your group is making an interesting presentation.



Task 1:

Find out which airline is the best by comparing the three pages.

Search for the dates: 21.09. – 23.09.2012




What is the price?

Which are the exact times for the flights?

Why did you choose this flight?

Which are the pros and cons?


Task 2:

You get 70 Euro pocket money. How much do you have in pound?



Task 3:

Now you need to find a place to stay for the same dates as in task 1. and for all of you five.

How expensive is it? (No panic, we’ll do one example search all together at the beginning of this task)

How far is it away from the city center? (Make a sceen shot of the map, which shows,  where it is)

When is check in/out?

What else do they offer?

What do you like?

What is not so good?





Task 4:

What sights do you want to see when in London? Write down the name oft he sight in the table belowt and give a short discription (historical facts, what is important about it, what you can do there,…) with a small picture of the sight (if possible).

You should find at least one museum,  two evening events (musical, theater, restaurant, etc.), one park and one market.

How much does the attraction cost?

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


























What does the last link tells you about the population number of London? And who build the first settlement in the London area?


Task 5:

Click at the link to open the map of the tube.

Which lines do you have to take to get from Piccadilly Circus to Notting Hill Gate and where do you have to change?



Task 6:

What is the favorite meal of British people? Find a picture for it.




Evaluationsbogen für Schüler

Kreuze die zutreffende Antwort an!

Hat dir das WebQuest Spaß gemacht?

Ja, sehr              Eher ja                Eher nein            Nein, überhaupt nicht

    O                            O                              O                                       O

Wie schätzt du deinen persönlichen Lernerfolg ein?

Sehr groß           Groß                   Klein                   Überhaupt keinen

        O                       O                          O                                         O

Wie viel hast du insgesamt, in Bezug auf den Umgang mit dem Computer und dem Internet, dazugelernt?

Sehr viel             Viel            Nicht sehr viel             Nichts

      O                         O                            O                               O

Bist du mit dem Endergebnis deiner Gruppe zufrieden?

Ja, sehr              Eher ja                Eher nein            Nein, überhaupt nicht

      O                          O                             O                                        O

Was kann man nächstes Mal besser machen?



How will you be graded?

Group work and research process   25%

Presentation and creativity                25%

Correct use of English                            50%


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